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Healthy eating versus dessert

We all should eat healthier.

More fresh foods, vegetables and fruits along with nuts.

Also, smaller portions than the somewhat super sized versions of american diner plates, McDonalds and so on.

Fully agree and practicing that myself.  I created a small furor at a local place that I love to go to because all I ordered was the entree’, skipping on the starter salad and dessert to keep my meal properly sized.  I had the maitre’d, the chef and a nearby customer getting on my case.

So, add to large portion sizes the cultural peer pressure to eat ‘normal’ dinner salad, entree’ and dessert.

All that said, let us please stop, STOP trying to make dessert healthy.  I am not whining about choosing fruit over cake, fruit as a dessert is fine.

My point is taking a very delicious food option and trying to make it ‘healthy’ by replacing items with lower fat, lower sugar substitutes is dumb and wrong.

Dessert is a decadent indulgence that is NOT healthy at all for your body.  The sugars spike your insulin levels, the fat provides no benefit, the combination is empty calories, headaches, minor depression chemically induced that is presided by a short, but wonderful sugar and emotional high.

Moderation – preached by health nuts, religious figures and your mom.  Without a doubt that is the key and will always be.

Don’t have that chocolate cake for breakfast – Mr. Cosby.

Don’t have that candy bar everyday.

But, do have that slice of pie once a week or that bowl of full fat and real sugar ice cream.

You want to take things out of your diet.

Eliminate soda, even diet – drink tea and more water.

Just my mini-rant on those healthy dessert people.

My favorite dessert is bread pudding, made with half & half, eggs, brown sugar, butter with a butter, egg and rum glaze.  It is 500 calories per serving.  I make it once every few months and then get overwelmed by the richness of it.

It is wonderful and I love it.  But, I will never eat it everyday.  Best dessert ever.


The start of the blog

When you find really good food, talking should stop and just quietly enjoy the food.  To start here is the beginning of an ongoing list of things I feel are worthy of talking about – since I am not enjoying them now.

The bakery has this dark rye bread – not pumpernickel, just a darker heavy use of the rye flavoring that is so good you can eat it plain.  Then add the glazed crumb buns, strudel, 7 layer cake and so much more.

Good pizza is thin crust, made in a hot oven (over 550 degrees), without pineapples or grilled chicken – mainly made in NYC, but certain places can offer some part of a replica

Peter Lugers makes the best steaks anywhere and they must be ordered nothing more than medium rare

Broccoli is great steamed with some salt, garlic and butter, but asparagus kicks it’s ass when grilled, but it has to be fresh – no frozen or canned crap.

Bread, oh dear lord good bread is worth more to me than almost anything.  French bread crusty and light inside.  Rye bread with a chewy crust and explosion of rye smell and taste.  Ciabata just so airy and yum.  Again to Vaccaros where they have hard rolls with poppy seeds that is just a great mix of hard flaky crust with a fluffy soft interior.  Perfection there is just a warm roll from the bakery with whipped cream cheese.

more to come…