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Bread and why New York, New Jersey are better

In New York and In select parts of New Jersey they understand what good bread tastes, feels, smells and sounds like.

In other states they know what bread should look like.  It is light brown to a medium brown and different shapes.  And that unfortunately is it.

Good bread looks the same, but it tastes different depending on whether it is french bread, a baguette, a boule or different types of rolls.  That is in New York and New Jersey, but in most states it is all the same, just a different shape.

All the bread is soft, both inside and out from other states.

All the bread smells the same blah scent of baked bread without the aaaah in other states.

All the bread has no sound when you tap it, tear it or bite into it in other states.

But, growing up around New York City and in the wonderful part of New Jersey I grew up in, we had bread that made you stop and just be in awe of the baker.  Jealous that they got to smell that smell all day long.

They make bread loafs and rolls that are soft inside and out, yes.  They are dinner rolls, hamburger rolls they are rolls made to be soft inside and out, not just the only way we can make them.  But, they also make french bread that if you tap it makes an almost hollow sound, when you tear it cracks and a bite gives you a crunch of a crust and a soft airy inside.

A crust, yes a crust that requires you to actually tear with your teeth and crunch with your molars.  Not gummy soft bread.  Rye bread in NY/NJ has been known to crack teeth with a good crust.  Yum.

Then there is a hard roll.  Yes, it is called a hard roll.  Not a day old roll, like some misguided bakery worker in Pennsylvania ask me.  It is a crusty roll, with poppy seeds and is oh so light and fluffy inside.  I grew up having these rolls each Sunday with just cream cheese.  Lucky me.

So, if you live somewhere else and like bread, you must travel to NY/NJ and stop in a local (not Wal-Mart or Panera Bread) bakery.  My New Jersey recommendation is Vaccaro’s in Clark, NJ.

My New York City recommendation I like Rimini in Brooklyn.



Harold’s of Edison – each order a deli challenge

Met up with my daughter for an early dinner and catching up on our going’s on.  A midway point from both of us is Edison, NJ.  Plenty of places to go there, but I chose Harold’s Deli as it was featured on Monday Night Football game (go Giants) and I was lusting after some pastrami.

Well, there is nothing done small at Harold’s.  There is nothing done large at Harold’s.  Normal large is the kid’s meal at Harold’s.

While pricey, but not when you consider you will be having the sandwich for 3 days and you can take a good amount of rye bread (a loaf) with you in your to go bag, it was just yummy.    So this is the couple of sandwiches we ordered.  She turkey, me my beloved pastrami.

That is a side order of lettuce and bacon (looks like 1/2 pound) along with our 2 pound of meat sandwiches.  The extra bread is to the right and could not fit in the picture.

The pastrami was very good (needs to be much warmer to be called Hot Pastrami),



but still so the perfect meal with a Dr. Brown’s Diet Black Cherry soda.






My daughter was so hungry and the turkey, bacon, rye bread so good she had three (really 2 1/2) sandwiches.

I had one good size sandwich knowing I would eat the rest over the next two days – yes yes.

Now, as we were leaving we saw this fridge of cakes (no the image is not photoshop-ed at all).  These things are almost two feet tall, never mind the apple pie slice that could not make the picture as it was a foot long and 4 inches high.

My daughter commented that this place is made for giants and the tables should be extra large.  I recommend Harold’s, but come hungry and bring a crowd.