Thanksgiving – Food and Football, but really nether

I love Thanksgiving, more than the Christmas holiday.   

Mainly because it celebrates that oh so important part of being human.

Gathering together to share a meal.

As humans, we break bread to –

simply eat





start and end relationships

and so on…

I have spent Thanksgivings with huge family gatherings of more than 50 people in a mid-size house with everyone crawling over everybody and eating in shifts to a simple affair with one special person.    All had in common that the sharing of a meal gave us that initial commonality that we could build on.

So, for all the massive amount of food we, as humans, gather to be together to start with that common bond of sharing a meal and then flow from that to laughter, tears and on some occasions a fist flying (been there).

We humans, not bound by country, race, or religion, but our singular – SINGULAR beingness need to eat and interact with other humans.

Good to be human, good to enjoy food and other humans company.   


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